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Manufacturing Partnership


As a specialist technology company, Agecen-air has an unrivalled history of manufacturing large components for air purification units. Agecen-air’s precision manufacturing is the first choice for companies all around the globe.


The preferred and trusted partner to some of the world’s largest brands and technology companies, Agecen-air offers a precision manufacturing solution that’s second to none.


In manufacturing the outer shells and large non-technical components for DentAir, Agecen-air have helped allow for exceptional durability, along with a sleek design that’s perfectly in keeping with any dental setting.


Our internal engineers are specialists in airflow dynamics and have worked in a strong alliance with our partners to ensure DentAir delivers a market-leading solution to give your patients and staff peace of mind.


Over 20 internal Bryant Dental dentists, alongside our team of specialised air purification engineers, have worked together to expertly craft a system that’s not only highly effective in reducing airborne particulate matter, but is also specifically designed for a dental environment.


To ensure optimised air delivery through our system, we’ve meticulously engineered the DentAir with feedback from practising dentists to ensure the DentAir is the best on the market. Our final system is able to filter 99.99% of particulate matter down to 0.1 microns.